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As the volume of published materials is growing at an exponential rate online, it’s becoming all too easy to inadvertently repeat someone else’s words. This can happen even when you’ve never even seen the text you’ve accidentally copied as the sheer volume of information available means that chance events are much more likely. But there is a solution: paraphrasing app Use a plagiarism checker app like one of the 10 below and you’ll be able to make sure that all your work is always wholly original.

Use Only the Best Plagiarism App

If you use any old common app plagiarism will remain a potential pitfall when you’re submitting any academic work. However, when you choose a tried-and-tested plagiarism app that’s known to be among the best available, you can rest assured that your work will pass muster every time. Take a look at the 10 great options here and choose the right one for your needs.

Duplichecker is perfect for website content as it allows you to simply copy and paste your text and wait while a rapid analysis is undertaken. It’s very important that you don’t take content from other locations and pass it off as your own, and using this web app will make sure that you don’t do this even by accident. It includes a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Copyleaks works from the other side of the table, so to speak. If you’ve written some content for your website or an online journal or whatever else, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone is going to highlight your work and paste it somewhere you didn’t expect. If you want to maintain control over your intellectual property, Copyleaks will show you what’s being done with your work and where.

Paper Rater is an excellent way to check your content for any parts that have been inadvertently copied from another source. Despite the fact that it’s a common app plagiarism detection doesn’t get much stronger than this. Naturally, it includes tools like a grammar checker and writing suggestions aside from all the plagiarism-related options, letting you make sure that your text is as good as it can possibly be.

Plagiarisma is a great tool for ensuring that you don’t infringe any copyrights as you write your academic articles. It makes uses of a range of online databases, including those like Google Books, which logs paper-based books as well as online content. You can paste your text directly into the web or via the app and more than 190 languages are supported. When you take such a thorough approach, you can’t really go wrong at all.

Plagiarism Checker is a nifty little tool from Small SEO Tools. It lets you simply paste your work into the text field on their homepage. Then, it compares your text to a vast range of different articles and pages throughout the web. This web app is useful as an adjunct to some of the other options in this list and is best used to double check the work of other plagiarism checkers you’ve been using.

Plagium offers a number of different levels of search, so you can tailor this service to your exact needs. You can run a quick search that compares your work to news entries and general web content, or you can opt for a deep search that lets you upload full documents and scans extra content such as books that have been added to Google Books and other repositories.

PlagScan offers a range of anti-plagiarism tools for students, schools and even workplaces. This tool compares your work with literally billions of other documents to make sure that your text is wholly original and completely unique. You can use it to retain control over your work as it is shared throughout the internet or you can use it make sure you aren’t copying any of your colleagues, rivals or even complete strangers.

PlagTracker checks your work against a large database of academic articles from a range of different disciplines. It allows you to proofread your work for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before you find out whether you’ve inadvertently copied someone else’s work. Teachers can use it to find problems within their students’ work and publishers can make sure that their authors are submitting genuinely original work.

Quetext is a rather intelligent web app, especially for one that offers a free copy-and-paste approach directly from its homepage. It examines a number of different factors from lexical frequencies and word choices all the way to matching phrases from even the most obscure texts available online. You won’t have to sign up or register any details at all, making this approach anonymous and safe from prying eyes.

Scan My Essay is a powerful anti-plagiarism tool from Viper. It’s incredibly easy to use and only involves three simple steps to get you your results. Your document will be checked against more than 10 billion texts from a range of sources including academic journals and paper-based books uploaded to online repositories. You’ll get a concise report with highlighted areas that explain where you’ve gone wrong and how to fix the issues raised.

Choose only the best plagiarism checker app you can find and you can sit back and relax without worrying about whether your professors will catch you out somehow. The finest paraphrase tool online on the market has been specially developed to sift through the vast reams of online content available at the click of a button and make sure that your work doesn’t include a single sentence that could be linked back to a source you haven’t identified.

Get the grades you deserve when you choose a tried-and-tested plagiarism checker app. When you prepare for every eventuality, success is guaranteed.

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