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Tips on How to Paraphrase an Article

how to paraphrase an articleParaphrasing is defined as putting the original text into your own words. It is essential that you change the words of the text to avoid plagiarism and when you are paraphrasing, it is one of the important things you need to do. The process is a helpful way in providing support for ideas by stating essential details from the text with the use of your own words. Read more about paraphrasing on our paraphrasing service website.

How to paraphrase an article

To paraphrase article as well as paraphrasing website is tricky because you need to make sure the meaning will be retained while you are changing the words. You should not copy directly the words used by the author and when you like to know how to paraphrase, you need to read and understand the passage.

  • Understand how paraphrasing is used: To paraphrase an article, you need to understand paraphrasing. It is about reading and absorbing the meaning of the text by using your own words. When you paraphrase, you should not change words but you need to present important points and information that the author wants to share with readers.
  • Condense the article: In paraphrasing, you need to condense the information. You should cut down any verbiage and get the main idea of the original passage. A perfect and accurate paraphrasing is different from the original material.
  • Read the original text: You need to carefully read the article and spend time in understanding and absorbing the meaning. Make sure you have a deep understanding about what it means before you moved on to another step.
  • Make notes: As you are reading the article, start jotting down the main ideas or points. You need to write down about the main argument and key words illustrating the argument. If you are done making notes, keep away the source.
  • Rewrite: With the use of your notes, begin paraphrasing using different words. Be careful not to mix up the sentence structure and the language so that you are not only substituting different words but ensuring having good structure.
  • Make comparison: It is essential to make comparisons about the original article from your new version to know if there are words that are the same and when you totally get the meaning that the author wants to share with people.

With the tips above, you are assured to make a great paraphrasing. Just be sure you follow it correctly to avoid any mistakes. But remember that professional summarizing and paraphrasing service is available and it is a big help on your part.

Use this tips for paraphrase an article! Or call us today and get professional help!