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Rephrase a Resume: A Useful Bunch of Action Verbs

resume rewording

It is known that at least 75% of candidates for a job position get eliminated just because their resume doesn’t meet the requirements of the employers or are not written in the proper way. For this, you can rephrase a resume and make sure it portrays exactly what is needed to attract the attention of hiring managers and potential future employers.

But to do it correctly, you need to learn how to rephrase for resume and eventually make sure that everything, from your education, experiences, skills to your profile description and summary, are perfect for the job position you’re applying for, making sure you do a proper resume paraphrase according to what is needed, you may use the best reworder online tool for it.

resume paraphrasing example before   resume paraphrasing example after
Rephrasing a resume is not really hard work but it is utterly important to know how to rephrase your resume experience is you really want to attract more attention. So, we have a list of different tips you can follow in order to paraphrase resume correctly and eventually have more chances of getting the job. Take a look!

Tips for Rephrasing a CV

Whatever your resume portrays, you need to make sure it is structured in a proper way, that it portrays your experiences and skills correctly and that it also manages to make you a better candidate. But you will have to know how to do it correctly, or else, you will eventually make it look worse when rephrasing. So we recommend doing the following:

  • Restructure your resume according to the job position

It is common to find resumes that are too normal, basic and do not portray the information and description of the applicant in a compelling way. This makes it difficult for hiring managers to take them into account, as they would eventually make sure those resumes which are not interesting or according to the job position will eventually get ignored.

For this, we recommend formatting the resume with skills that comply with what is needed for the job, then the experience, especially if it fits with the job position and lastly, the education. This way you will restructure your resume correctly when rephrasing, but always making sure it is original and structured in a more interesting way.

  • Look for strong action verbs

Action verbs are a wonderful way of portraying your skills and experiences when resume rewording. Nowadays, including action verbs in a resume is essential to make hiring managers feel more interested in your CV, as these action verbs tend to hold and portray more about your skills than normal words and adjectives. They actually portray someone’s abilities in a more accurate and efficient way according to the field of the job position.

  • Make use of keywords

When you content rephrase resume, you need to make sure that keywords are also added. Not only action verbs will help you grab the attention of active managers, you need to also make sure that you use keywords that go according to the job position you want to achieve. For this, you need to investigate about what the job position is offering and the exact requirements, so you can eventually improve your resume by rephrasing it using key words depending on what is being requested. This will help you achieve more attention and eventually get an interview.

  • Make sure everything is quantified and explained

Something that is utterly important when it comes to resumes, is that every statement and affirmation you make is eventually backed up with an explanation or a quantifier of what you did exactly. For example, when you say that you increase sales on a certain company, you need to make sure it is quantified, saying that you did it for a certain percentage or including the exact number of sales you made by yourself. This is wonderful for rephrasing, as you can fix every statement of this kind that is not explained in order to make it look better and more compelling.

advice how to rephrase a resume

What No to Do When Rephrasing a CV

As well as tips you need to know to make every resume look better with a proper paraphrasing, there are also things that you need to avoid if you want your resume to portray exactly what you want it to portray about yourself. For this, we’ve made a list of the don’ts you need to avoid when you paraphrase resume:

  • Don’t rephrase a resume and make it more than 1 page. Most hiring managers hate when people make a resume too large.
  • Don’t write a long summary. When you rephrase summary, make sure it is not longer than 4 lines.
  • Don’t format a resume in a hard-to-see way. Make sure your resume is clear and can be easily understood.
  • Don’t rephrase making grammar or spelling mistakes. It is obvious but sometimes tends to be forgotten that mistakes make a resume get ignored.

Examples of Rephrased Resume Experiences and Skills


Experience and Skills: Engineering Position and Responsibilities

  • Work with clients and receptionist areas.
  • Capable of designing electronic devices.
  • Writing reports and correspondence.
  • Maintenance of spreadsheets and overall advanced use of Excel.


Experience and Skills: Engineering Position and Responsibilities

  • Managed the receptionist area of visitors and clients for 3 years.
  • Designed electronic devices using high-quality software and hardware.
  • Wrote reports about the quality and production daily and emailed them.
  • Maintained spreadsheets of the overall productivity per day plus different things to record.

Need Help with Your Resume Rephrasing?

Now that you know how to rephrase my essay, you may already be able to do it by yourself without any problem. However, if these tips and recommendations don’t work for you, there’s still a good option you can take to make any of your resume rewordings be possible without having to invest much of your time or effort.

We will make sure that your resume looks wonderful in every way, we will restructure it in order to make it portray your skills correctly, that it portrays your experience with professionalism and that it holds everything hiring managers to want to see.

Contact us today and we will paraphrase resume with the best quality you can think of! Don’t hesitate!