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Reducing the Headache of Paraphrasing Plagiarism: Free Tools and Tips Saving Your Academic Career

remove plagiarism online

In the Wikipedia reality and free source flourishing websites, it’s never been easier to plagiarize instead of sweating on paraphrasing plagiarism, students often use the ready-made articles, presenting them as their own. But let’s have a look at how common is plagiarism among students?

You might be surprised by the fact that even these days some students claim to confuse the paraphrasing with summarizing, the chances are high it’s their laziness saying because the plagiarism statistics are really striking. In order to write a meaningful paraphrase and paraphrase plagiarism, you need to understand the topic you will be working with. A careful paraphrase is defined by this feature, only after this, you can put the author’s thoughts and convert them into your words.

“McCabe’s surveys of over 70,000 high school students at over 24 high schools in the United States demonstrated that 64 percent of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58 percent admitted to plagiarism and 95 percent said they participated in some form of cheating, whether it was on a test, plagiarism or copying homework.”

Traditionally, an average student:

  • Copied pieces of text from scholarly journals or books in the library
  • Used the homework of the classmate
  • Simply copy-paste the text from the Internet source

fixer synonym

Avoiding Plagiarism like a Pro

Most plagiarism facts and cases tend to stay in the shadow that is unreported officially, the true numbers of plagiarism among students is approximately 1 in 6. On average the higher GPA rates also belong to the students who practice plagiarism, compared to their more honest peers. In fact, a poll in Fordham University detected quite a gap between those 2 groups, thus cheaters can show off 3. 41 points whereas non-cheaters only 2.85. While the teachers to bust them.

Variety of plagiarism checking tools to paraphrase plagiarism have appeared in the web, free of charge and the Internet is a number one source helping students to steal information it now became even greater source fo most specialized and precise ones. Such sources as Turnitin and many others allow professors to check the work for the plagiarism.


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Why Plagiarism Can Be Dangerous?

17,000 plagiarism incidents are reported yearly and their number continues to rise. Have you ever thought of what it can lead to? Let’s have a closer look.

The most often consequences for plagiarism that students face:

  • Lost trust and a bad reputation. Meaning your work will always be under suspicion of stealing in the future.
  • Formal warning. Some institutions practice the plagiarism announcements in order to prevent the cases from other students.
  • Public shaming. Not the very widespread practice and not the most enjoyable to say the least, if it’s common for your college to have no doubt the same might happen one day with you.
  • Assignment rejection. The most common consequence among all the mentioned ones, mind that this might also include the no mark or bad mark scenario when the plagiarism has been detected too late for fixing.
  • No opportunity to resubmit. One of the most severe punishments for plagiarizing the source that will often lead to the failed course.
  • Reduced qualification. At times when the plagiarism is found accidentally after your defended the work and got a mark such consequence might influence your qualification in the end. In the most difficult cases, the student even loses a degree.
  • Expulsion. Rare but probably the most dreadful scenario for all plagiarizers. You have a greater chance if it’s not the rare practice for your institution.

paraphrase plagiarism tips

Different Words, Same Meaning or Easy Guide to Fix Your Paper Avoiding Plagiarism

  • Reread the original text source until you are 100% sure you understand the meaning of it and can explain the thing in your own words preventing plagiarism. If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old you don’t understand it yourself. A. Einstein”. Set aside the original text. “Make your own notes: write down your thoughts, and most important parts and details that you remembered.”
  • After you wrote down the information summarize it at the top of your notes. For this put 20 keywords and a come up with a phrase, representing the main idea of the topic.
  • Reread your notes and make sure you neither paraphrase plagiarism the source word-in-word nor distorted the initial idea of the text. Use quotation marks to identify the terms you copied from the source. If you notice you used the same words as in the original source substitute them with the synonyms.
  • Check for the missing information that you left out and incorporate it into the topic using your own words. Reduce the information that seems redundant and doesn’t bear any essential significance. In fact, the more you modify the text structure and alternate the paragraphs, not only words the more quality you bring to your paper.
  • Go back and recheck again. You will also need to make in-text references on the topic you’ve been paragraphing. After the work has been made check use the online tools that will help you identify the percentage of the paraphrase plagiarism. In thoroughly written papers the originality is always close to 98-100%. When you’re not sure you have enough time for finishing the paper yourself use reliable online best paraphrasing service that shortly will make everything for you.

paraphrasing plagiarism startegy

Ineffective Preventing Plagiarism Strategies:

  • Using the same sentence structure
  • Only shifting the words with the synonyms
  • Not mentioning the sources and presenting the text like their initial idea
  • Including own irrelevant opinions considering the topic.

paraphrase plagiarism online“Exception: When paraphrasing, you do not have to directly cite common knowledge. Common knowledge is information that is widely known and can be found in multiple places. For example, writing that Ronald Reagan was a U.S. Republican president would be considered common knowledge, so it would not need to be cited. However, when in doubt, it is always better to cite than run the risk of plagiarism.”

Example of the Good VS Bad Paraphrase Plagiarism

paraphrasing plagiarism

Here you in the bad example you can clearly notice the original sentence structure and the same words used. Instead, in a good example, you can also find an MLA citation in the text, accrediting the original source. In case you find it difficult to access how far have you gone from the actual source to the original there is a wide selection of tools that can help your work and make it impeccable.

We have provided below some of the free tools for paraphrasing plagiarism to make your choice much easier.

8 Free Paraphrasing Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

Paraphrase Tool paraphrasing plagiarism

In most cases, you need to rewrite sentence online quickly and you want to get the plagiarism-free result. So, be sure it’s a  paraphrasing tool without plagiarism and it is what you exactly need. There are many benefits of using this one preventing plagiarism, starting from quick results to getting the original content without changing its meaning. If you need paraphrasing plagiarism tool for “how to avoid plagiarism?” request, you can be sure that Paraphrase Tool is that what you have been looking for.

EZ Rewriter paraphrase plagiarism

If you need to avoiding plagiarism your text effectively you can spin the texts in the article spinner like EZ Rewriter. This plagiarism fixer is characterized by quick action and free access. You don’t need to download the app, just visit the site and paste your piece of text. This service creates relatively high quality and unique content that can be used then either for websites content.

Small Seo Tools avoiding plagiarism

With this tool, it is possible to replace the words of the article with the synonyms. The tool will scan the texts you provided and find alternatives for the words, highlighting the text so that you know what words have been replaced and control the whole rewording process. Reverse the original words by clicking on the word and select the other one, that will be suggested by the system. The tool has around 500,000 synonyms available, and yes it’s free.

Plagiarisma preventing plagiarism

Plagiarisma is another free article preventing plagiarism rephraser. It can spin the article and find the synonyms to your words, remove plagiarism online free and even correct a grammar as a bonus.

Spin Bot paraphrasing plagiarism

Article rephraser and avoiding plagiarism tool that is also positioned itself for creative content making or remove plagiarism. Using Spinbot you can instantly rephrase a chunk of content up to 10,000 characters in length (about 1000 words) that is more than can be offered by other tools online. Free of charge, this online tool also has an option to spin capitalized word.

Content Professor paraphrase plagiarism

Content professor is featuring a free and paid article rephrasing avoiding plagiarism, it offers a smart decision for content rephrasing and is more suitable for academic texts. For this one, you need to create a free account.

Word Flood avoiding plagiarism

It’s a desktop app that provides more extensive features for paraphrasing. Professional content marketers often use it for more profound paraphrasing and for avoiding plagiarism. The blue words show you the content that can be substituted, you need to hover the mouse over the words in the window and select the word you think is the best option for your text. The formerly paid program is now free of charge and features a short explanation video of how to use it.

Caligonia preventing plagiarism

A very useful tool among bloggers that helps to spin and rephrase the existing text. Caligonia makes the rephrasing more human-oriented and easy to digest. The tool is available online and is free of charge.

A Pro level paraphraser can even add more significance to the original version, interpreting the facts and ideas in a different way and perspective. There are 2 substantial tricks that help you to convert the topic into authentic work: selecting the synonyms and sentence restructuring that should always be used together.

avoid plagiarism

Incredible Paraphrasing Service Benefits That Would Impress You

Probably it could be a tough task for you to search through the web and trying to find just good paraphrasing service that would fulfil all your requirements. Usually, many services do not provide their customers with the needed information, for instance, about their process of work or even their main features, exactly what differs them from many other services. Read our paraphrasing plagiarism service advantages and make the right choice:

  • We guarantee full confidentiality
  • Money-back guarantee is allowed in case you are not satisfied with the final result
  • Our service always is trying to meet any deadline

The ultimate time for paraphrasing plagiarism is today learn how to improve your article quickly with us!