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Paraphrase Service UK vs USA

Language gap is an essential factor to consider in paraphrasing. American English and British English, two of the most widely used and known languages in the world are often subjected on this gap as there are words with similar spellings but of entirely different meaning in both languages.

These differences create a huge gap between how articles are paraphrased. So if your article or term paper is written in British standard language and you want to have it paraphrased online, it is very important to note it on your searching keyword. For example, type in “paraphrase service UK” or “reword my sentence UK” instead of the usual and plain “paraphrasing services”.

The following are list of some words with different meanings in American and UK English.

  1. Rock. In UK, children will have some fun when you treat them with some sweet rocks. This is because rock means candy in the UK.
  2. In the US, rocks are not treats for anyone. And if you tell them to chew some, they will find it crazy and impossible because you’re trying to chew some hard stone from the ground.
  3. Boot. In the US, boots are pair of footwear. In UK however, boot pertains to the back part of the car, which in US is referred to as the ‘trunk’. So in America, you can’t tell someone to get something from his or her boot. Otherwise, you will get that strange look that you want him or her to get something from his or her shoe!
  4. paraphrase service ukStroke. Stroke is another different term with different meaning in the US and in UK. In US, stroke means a serious medical situation that needs immediate action. If you tell someone that you might ‘give him or her stroke’, it means there is something seriously ill or wrong with what you said or did. However, in UK, stroke means a ‘pat’ or ‘hug’. So if someone asks you for a stroke, care to pat him or her on the shoulder or back.
  5. Conservatory. In the US, conservatory relates to a place where music performances are held. On the other hand, someone cannot play music in the place they call ‘conservatory’ as it is filled with potted plants. It is a glass-surrounded place where plants are grown, probably what they call ‘nursery’ in the US.
  6. Braces. In the US, braces are used to correct teeth imperfections. In the late 90s, they were designed with colorful rubbers. On the other hand, UK refers braces as accessories to support the trousers. In the US, they are called suspenders.
  7. Trolley. In the US, it is a large basket with wheels where you put your groceries and stuff. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a bag with wheels that you can tug and carry. In UK, it is referred to as a part of the train that carries passengers, usually tourists who roam around the city. It is commonly referred in America as cabin.
  8. Chips. Chips are commonly known in the US as potato chips or any flavored crispy snack. In UK, chips are sliced potatoes deeply fried or baked – something that Americans will call French fries.
  9. Coach. This is among the huge language difference falls between UK and US. In the US, a coach is someone who teaches a particular sports or subject. It can also refer to someone who mentors. However, in UK, a coach is something and not a person. It refers to a type or mode of transportation, something people may call a ‘bus’.
  10. Lift. When someone in the UK tells you to meet him or her in the lift, or hold the lift, you have to hold the door open until he or she gets in. But you cannot tell that to an American because there will be a huge confusion. In the US, to lift is to put something up.
  11. Pants. In the US, pants mean a pair of jeans, while in the UK it means undergarments.

Importance of Choosing Correct Local Service

paraphrasing ukIt is very important to emphasize paraphrasing UK in your search because you might end up with an American editor who will paraphrase your texts in US context. Similarly, when your texts are written and need to be paraphrased in US context, it will be huge mistake to have it translated into UK language.

Hire paraphrase service UK today!