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Nowadays, everyone thrives for the best content possible, making sure that everything is of the highest quality and that eventually portray ideas and situations in the perfect way. And this is also true when it comes to reports. So, it is important that you always write your reports correctly making sure you follow rules and eventually make everything more understandable.

For this, we always recommend paraphrasing report. This way you can make sure that your report offers the best readability and eventually helps to maintain a proper report on your selected subject. However, you will need to learn certain rules and things or even use paraphrasing site that is of most importance for this.

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The best paraphrase technique is to know the perfect methods of citing, referencing, how to expand phrases, changing nouns to verbs and eventually having a proper acknowledgment of the whole report before starting to paraphrasing it. That’s why we’ve brought different tips to help you do it. Take a look!

The Best 2 Methods for Rephrasing a Report

When you think about how to paraphrase a report, you are immediately trying to find the perfect way to make your report be understood and eventually hold your information without plagiarized information. For this, you can try the following 2 methods that we recommend to make your writing be totally professional in every way:

  • Rephrase according to who your audience will be

This is something that may not seem as effective, but eventually, knowing who the report will be directed to, is a wonderful way of making it look better taking into account who is going to read it. This way you can use the perfect vocabulary, structure, format and the perfect order of ideas depending on the level of expertise and knowledge of the audience about the subject you want to talk about in your report.

Also, it is important to know this when you start talking on the main topic. This way you can make sure you explain better if the audience is not new to what you want to talk about. By rephrasing knowing who the audience is going to be, you can eventually improve everything on the report making it more suitable according to the people who are going to read it.

  • Plan the report before paraphrasing

Even though the report you want to paraphrase my article may already have a good structure and a proper format, it is still important that before paraphrasing you can create new ones. This will help you not only to avoid plagiarism but to eventually make it look even better and according to what you want to portray.

On the other hand, planning also demands the writer to investigate and find out more about the subject or topic that of the report. This eventually helps to be prepared according to the type of writing you will need and the type of structure and format that go better for that. This way you will make your report fit exactly what is needed from the report, assuring a better outcome.

As you see, both of these methods may eventually help you create the best report by paraphrasing. However, it is always important to remember that one of the main things of a report is to paraphrase reported speech, it means knowing how to portray ideas from a person who said something in the best way possible. This is really simple, and only demands the writer to change the tense of the original sentences and that’s it.

Common Mistakes People Make When Paraphrasing Report

With the previous recommendations, you should be more than ready to avoid telling people to “rephrase this for me”. However, if you need even more help, we will give you some of the most common mistakes people make when paraphrasing a report, so you can avoid them at all times. Take a look:

  • Writing in the first person. This is one of the most common reports mistakes people make, when they forget about reported speech and citing, writing in an incorrect way and eventually making the report look less professional.
  • Not knowing about the subject. When you paraphrase report, you need to make sure that you can manage the subject, for this, you need to research correctly in order to have a proper manage before rephrasing the report avoiding, this way, misleading or incorrect statements.
  • Not using reported speech correctly. Paraphrasing a quote from another report is a common practice when paraphrasing, but knowing how to paraphrase reported speech is incredibly essential. Make sure you learn this before paraphrasing any report.
  • Adding unnecessary information. Even though the proper way to expand phrases is eventually recommended, adding unnecessary information or wrong one may eventually harm how people read your report. For this, we recommend sticking to a more concise and straightforward writing style, making everything easier to read.

paraphrase report mistakes

Example of Report Paraphrasing


This report investigates the current state of scanner technology and examines the predicted future advancements of scanners. A brief history of the scanner and its operation is initially outlined. The discussion then focuses on the advantages and limitations of the five main types of scanners in common use today: drum, flatbed, sheetfed, slide, and hand held scanners.


Scanners are an incredibly interesting type of technology that demands further examination into their creation, history, how they were created and with what purpose, and how will scanners eventually advanced to. In this report, we touch every one of these subjects plus the different types of scanners from the drum, sheetfed, hand held scanners and the flatbed for a better understanding of their usability and overall importance for today’s human life.

Need Help with Your Report Paraphrasing?

As you may already found out, to paraphrase a report is not easy work. So, why don’t use some help from someone who actually knows what it is needed to make your report look wonderful?

For this, we have the perfect paraphrase technique to make any of your reports look as wonderful as you want without any problem. Our rephrasing service is the best out there and you will for sure achieve whatever outcome you want without our services.

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