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A literature review is a type of written work that functions as a type of introduction that gives an idea of what a dissertation, journal article, academic book, report or any other kind of academic work is about, working as an overview of the selected topic or subject. This way, a literature review makes the reader aware of what is going to be talked about in the following academic work.

However, writing one of these can be really difficult even if you are using paraphrase maker online.  And if you are doing it right now, you may be asking yourself “How can I paraphrase my literature review?” Well, here you will find out a lot about what a literature review is and how you can paraphrase literature review in order to make it look professional and perfect for any of your academic works.

But for this, you need to first learn how to paraphrase a literature review and all the little details about a literature review, like how to structure, the perfect way to write a subject and argument, the proper style to synthesize and all about quotations and phrases taken from other works. For this, we’ve made a list with different tips on how to rephrase a literature review and much more. Take a look!

Tips on Rephrasing a Literature Review

A literature review is a very important part of any academic work. Most people use it to give an overview of the work they want to present, helping readers to know more about the subject of an academic written work before taking a look at it. However, doing it may be incredibly hard. So, here you have some of the best tips to rephrasing in order to make your literature review look wonderful:

  • What do we have to paraphrase for literature review?

When people ask what do we have to paraphrase for literature review, the answer is simple, the topic, the introduction, and the content according to the audience of the literature review. This means following the main idea of the literature review, making sure that everything is explained correctly with the best phrases and sentences, but always going for a more compelling style and making sure it can be understood by the audience it is built for.

  • Research the literature

To paraphrase literature review, you need to research as well. Even though paraphrasing mainly means just converting the original work in other words to explain the same, it is recommended to always research at least a little, especially the things you don’t understand, in order to eventually rephrase them according to what they mean and avoiding losing the sense of what the literature review tries to portray.

  • Take notes

Taking notes while rephrasing a literature review may seem a little unnecessary. However, taking notes will eventually help you maintain quotes, citations, references and even the main ideas of every paragraph for a better rephrasing later on. This way you will not only change the words and maintain the meaning but do it in a more accurate way.

  • Find the most logical structure

Even though most literature reviews are structured just like any other type of academic work, with an introduction, methods, research, results and a final discussion or conclusion of the review, it is recommended to rephrase the literature according to what you want to portray about the review. For this, we recommend thinking about a proper structure before rephrasing it, making sure it has a logical structure in order to be focused, well-written, critical but at the same time portraying the main subject in a more straightforward way without being boring.

  • Does a literature review use direct quotes or does it paraphrase?

Both. You need to have both making sure that the work doesn’t look subjective in any way. Use quotes to back up phrases and statements, this way, readers won’t think you are using your own ideas into the literature review or using other’s subjectivities.


paraphrase my literature review dont'sWhat Not to Do When Rephrasing a Literature Review

We know that to paraphrase literature review is not easy work, so we make sure that apart from having the best tips you can also enjoy from the best recommendation on what you should avoid when rephrasing your literature review. Take a look at what you should avoid:

  • Don’t rephrase everything. Most people tend to have a problem on whether you need to paraphrase everything of just quote.  For this, it is recommended to do both, but maintaining certain quotes and citations preferably.
  • Don’t make readers lose their time. This means not adding any unnecessary information in the literature review, making readers get bored or feel like they’re losing their times is totally wrong for a literature review.
  • Don’t eliminate quotations. When rephrasing, don’t forget that quotations add validity to statements and ideas, make sure you have at least some in the most important parts of the literature review, it helps a lot.
  • Don’t be subjective in any way. Make sure you don’t have your own ideas if they are not backed up, the same with other authors’ ideas, make sure there’s no subjectivity in any way.

Example of Literature Review Examples


Today, divorce has become a very common part of life, and it is likely that ineffective communication plays a crucial role in the failure of many marriages. “Communication may lead to the success of a marriage or to its detriment, depending on its level of effectiveness.” according to Weigel.


Nowadays, the practice of divorce has become very common among people. This mainly happens due to a failing communication. As Weigel affirms “Communication may lead to the success of a marriage or to its detriment”, affirming that all depends on how effective it is.

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