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Paraphrase Literature Review: Keep the Meaning

Why Do We Have to Paraphrase for Literature Review Sources?

A literature review is part of a wider paper and its purpose is to provide a framework within which you will conduct your research. It provides a background to what you hope to do your own research and establishes the importance and uniqueness of your own work. You do this by reviewing the research and literature that has already been written in this area. We will want to paraphrase literature review sources within our writing rather than simply quoting them, however. People want to read what we have to say on the subject rather than, just a list of quotations. By paraphrasing and summarizing what our sources have to say we are able to maintain our own voice and focus on what the reader needs to see. Automatic paraphraser, in this case, will not keep a true meaning and error-free text.

Paraphrasing requires us to repeat what the original author has said using our own very unique wording. We seek to repeat all of the points that were raised within the original text but without repeating any of the original writing. Typically this will result in writing that will be of a similar length to the original. Summarizing is similar but we only inform the reader of the main points that are raised. Often we can reduce the length of the original text considerably reducing entire works down to just a few paragraphs.

literature review paraphrasing example before  literature review paraphrasing example after

Where Do We Use a Literature Review?

A literature review can be conducted as a standalone task to provide you with experience and practice with doing research in a specific area. Typically you will start with a general overview of the topic area that you will be investigating and will then narrow the scope of your research down to the specifics of your research.

To do this you will need to develop your thesis or research question. This will provide you with the focus that you need to ensure that you do your research in the right areas. Typically we will use a literature review in an academic paper such as:

  • Research papers
  • Research proposal
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Journal Articles

lit review tips

Types of Literature Review

There are actually many different ways that you can go about conducting a literature review depending on which area you are conducting your research in, the way that you want to use the information and the sources of information that you want to use. Some of the more well-known methods for conducting literature reviews are detailed below along with links for additional information as to how each is conducted:

No matter what style of literature review you will undertake you will also have to ensure that it is done in the correct academic style or format. Each school and subject area will have specific requirements for the style of academic format that you will need to employ for your writing and your citations. This can be anyone of APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, or many others.

The style of writing will dictate how you will give credit to the sources that you have used within your literature review by citing each source. These are then detailed at the end of your paper within the bibliography which will provide the reader with a full list of every source that you used in the writing of your paper.

lit review writing guide

Image credit:

Can We Use Software to Do Paraphrasing in the Literature Review?

Because we need to avoid quotes in literature review sections we will often have a need to do a large amount of paraphrasing. Unfortunately, many students and researchers find this a difficult process and will often change the original meaning or reuse a large amount of text from the source. Many will try to make their life easier by using one of the many software packages that can be used.

Have no idea how to paraphrase a poem? We are ready to help!

These software packages are on the whole free to use and very quick. They are however not going to provide you with a useable paraphrase unless you are very lucky. They simply work by swapping words for synonyms. But with many words having multiple meanings and idioms not simply translating word for word you will find that most of the time these tools churn out garbage that makes no sense. If it does make sense it may mean something completely different to the original.

Tips for Accurate Paraphrasing

Only someone that fully understands the source text is able to paraphrase it. Paraphrasing is not a mechanical process of moving words or swapping them for words with the same meaning. It is about understanding the meaning of the source and then translating that meaning into your own unique language.

Once this is understood many people find that it is actually easier and quicker to do their paraphrasing. The following are some steps that you should follow so that you can do your paraphrasing for your literature review accurately and quickly:

  • Read and re-read your source several times until you are confident that you fully understand everything that it is saying
  • Make brief concise notes of each of the points that the source makes using your own words
  • Organize those notes to outline how you will write your version
  • Write your paraphrase using just the notes that you have made with no reference to the source
  • Compare the two versions and change any wording that may have been inadvertently copied
  • Key phrases or ideas that are repeated through necessity should be put in inverted commas to show that they are directly quoted
  • Make a citation in the correct format for your academic style
  • Proofread all of your writing with great care to ensure that there are no errors in the writing
how to paraphrase literature review

Image credit:

We Can Help with Your Literature Review Paraphrasing

It is vital to understand what is paraphrase in literature review writing for any academic paper or proposal. However, understanding and having the time to do your paraphrasing to the standard required does not always go hand in hand. Our specialized paraphrasing services offer you expert support through higher degree qualified and very experienced specialists. All of the help that they provide is covered by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee and will always be delivered on time after proofreading and plagiarism testing.

If you need professional and reliable support to paraphrase literature review sources, just get in touch with our specialized and affordable services here today!