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I have received the file and I am very happy with the Turnitin similarity report. Once again thank you VERY MUCH!!! You saved the day and you saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for such kind words!!))) We’re looking forward to making the quality of papers we rewrite even better!
Customer #320128398, UAE | Writer #196486
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I have received the file and I am very happy. Once again thank you VERY MUCH!!! You saved the day and you saved me.

God bless all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Customer #331221991, USA | Writer #65179
Subject: Technical
Apart from a bit slow-ish response from the expert there is nothing to complaint about))

Great service from paraphrasing gurus!!
Customer #370618911, UK | Writer #180726
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First i got paraphrasing and then looked into the from-scratch writing thing. Both times texts came back alight.

So keep the good work lads!!!!!
Customer #330221931, USA | Writer #173417
Subject: Chemistry
The paper looks fantastic! I ran it through a few plagiarism checkers, although not 100% guaranteed. It looks great! Did you run the paper through a plagiarism detector? I would like to know before I submit this work.

Thank you again!!!
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Paragraph Rephrasing to Bring You the Highest Mark

Quite often in college or school, the majority of students are going to meet the necessity of composing numerous essays, research works, articles, and other texts, or you might need a piece of writing for some other needs. Anyway, the half (or sometimes even more) will require a quality paragraph rephrase in order to raise the paper’s originality and beat plagiarism detector programs like Turnitin. This task could be taken as an easy one at the beginning, but eventually, the majority of people can barely make it to the orange zone, not to mention the desired green one. The thing is, it takes certain skills and proficiency, and that is why services like ours are quite popular and in high demand among students and other interested customers.

Not many people can succeed and make it to Turnitin’s green zone because, to rephrase paragraph in a decent way, you should follow several rules. Of course, using synonyms is the first thing that comes to mind, but you also need to rearrange the sentence and text structure while keeping the main idea. In most cases, when you are in the process of your academic writing, you will need to write the same paragraph with your own words to show the teacher that you understood the concept and the author’s message. This task can be incorrectly conceived of and confused with quoting, but that is an absolutely different story, even though it may seem really alike. When you cite a specific author, you put their statement in quotation marks, but when you rewrite a paragraph, you change their words with your formulation.

For many years of our service’s work, for about a decade, we have been performing paragraph rephrasing for customers from all around the globe, helping them deliver excellent works. Our skillful team was trained to do it perfectly, so the major meaning and the concept of the text will not disappear, and they will also avoid obvious plagiarism. Good paragraph rewriting done by our specialists will get 90-100% of authenticity even if we start from 15-20%.

Send Us a ‘Rephrase My Paragraph’ Note

Our experts use rare and not banal synonyms. They will change the sentence structure without losing their content. Paragraph rewriting is often wrongly considered to be an easy assignment that does not take much effort and experience while it is the other way around. Before we start, our experts will carefully examine the whole text and then divide it to see how the paragraph structure could be reorganized in the most favorable way. Right after they read the whole passage and completely understand its sense, they will determine the key points. Then they will start writing down their interpretation of the text, trying not to look at the original passage. Straight after that, they will compare these two texts and make the needed revisions. As you can see, this is a complex process with its own rules.

Therefore, when we get a message from our future client saying ‘rephrase my paragraph,’ we’ll select a suitable expert for them and then get down to business. For us, every new task is an amazing challenge that can make us even more experienced and knowledgeable. A ‘rephrase my paragraph’ message is an immediate call to action that cannot be ignored even if the deadline seems too close or the task seems too complicated. We are called one of the most reliable and trustworthy services for a reason, and we will never betray our principles. Any of your hesitations and doubts are quite understandable, but trust us when we say that we will never reveal any detail of our collaboration to third parties. So ask us to rephrase your paragraph any time you’re ready to get professional assistance.

Rephrasing a Paragraph in the Most Efficient Way

Sometimes when the text seems too complicated and rewording a paragraph looks like an impossible task, we use several effective tricks, and we will share them with you. The ultimate mission of rephrasing a paragraph is to achieve 100% text’s originality, so, in order to do that, we’ll start the sentence with a different subject, which will help to keep the essential meaning but still modify the passage. Another way of performing a successful paragraph rewrite is to change the sentence structure to kind of mix it up, keeping the logicality and the main message. Also, an effective trick is to switch the active voice of the author to passive. And the last competent approach to this task is the division of a long sentence into a couple of small ones – this trick keeps the meaning but also makes the text look totally different and raises the authenticity of it instantly. But we have to warn you – if you decide to rephrase a paragraph by yourself, you have to be very careful and make sure all the key points and the main concept are being kept. Otherwise, your assignment will not be approved.

As these tricks we shared above may seem easy, quite often, we get orders from our customers when they ask us to fix their texts since they got confused and stuck with doing that on their own. And that is really understandable for us because we do know how much time and training it takes to become adroit at restating paragraphs.

One of the things you need to rephrase a paragraph, as we said before, is the smart usage of synonyms – these are words that have similar meanings. But that could be not only synonymic words but also synonymic phrases, which provides more freedom if you want to get it done on the highest level. This skill takes a lot of reading and erudition, so, in all modesty, we can boldly claim that our powerful team of editors consists of experts in this field.

We Will Rephrase a Paragraph in a Jiff

Using our online rephrase paragraph service, you’re not only choosing the best-quality help but also getting an affordable price for that since we know that students may not be the richest people out there. Furthermore, it is important to add that our service has the most friendly and helpful support managers, which are ready to give you any answers or to address any concerns anytime you need. We guarantee that we will not be satisfied until you are satisfied with our job.

So if you want us to rephrase the paragraph for you but still have hesitations and doubts, you are welcome to read our customers’ testimonials and get sure that 99% of the feedback we have is about gratitude, which we’re really proud of. Let us rephrase the paragraph and finally free you from anxiety. We will keep the tone, meaning, and message of the author and will also modify the text just like you would do that, but with our skills and knowledge, and no one will ever find out that you used professional help. The confidentiality of our customers comes first, and then apparently the high quality of our performance.