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Medical Paraphrasing: Why May You Need It?

You may have heard about the paraphrase tool free online. This is an online assistant, which helps in paraphrasing. Millions of people paraphrase their content every day all around the world. There are different reasons for paraphrasing, but here we are talking about medical paraphrasing.

If it is a medical research paper, you may need to publish it on different online forums and for that paraphrasing is a must. If you are writing your thesis or desertion in any medical field, you need to connect your work with the previous researchers. For that, you have to paraphrase them to avoid plagiarism in medical research. Similarly, if you are a medical expert and write informative articles, you may need a sentence rewriter to publish your content on more than one webpages. So, reasons to paraphrase medical papers of documents can be many. There are different types of medical documents like…

  • Medical reports
  • Articles
  • Patient’s history
  • Clinical findings
  • Preoperative care documents
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Operation notes
  • Post-operative care
  • Patient progress report
  • Medical research papers
  • Procedures

However, when you paraphrase you have to be very careful. There should not be any spelling mistakes. You have to remove grammatical issue and sentence structure problems. If you will not be able to paraphrase properly, you may be accused of plagiarism, which is a serious offence. So, when it comes to medical paraphrasing, do it seriously. If you find it difficult, online medical paraphrasing help is available.

4 Main Difficulties in Medical Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing in healthcare is not like any other paraphrasing. When students or professionals try to do it on their own, they face some difficulties, which we are discussing here.

Difficult terminology

A large number of terms are used in medical writing. When you paraphrase, it becomes really difficult to paraphrase them. It’s really tricky to use the terms without being accused of plagiarism. You can easily find an app for paraphrasing, but before that, it’s important to understand why you need medical paraphrasing. Actually, it depends on the nature of the document.

Formulas and symbols

Medical papers may contain some formulas or medical shorthand symbols, which a common person cannot understand and if he does, he may have no idea about how to paraphrase them.

Relevant examples

When you are paraphrasing health and social care content, you have to include relevant examples. But many people find it very difficult to find appropriate yet different examples.

Appropriate response

According to the nature of the document, you may need to write an appropriate response, which should be different from the one in the original document. It is something very difficult for medical writers and students.

expert medical paraphrasing

Medical Paraphrasing: Top 7 Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, medical paraphrasing is not easy. Many people try to paraphrase their medical papers and end up making lots of errors. Every document should be free from mistakes, but medical documents are much more serious, as it can be about life and death of a person. So, all kinds of mistakes should be avoided when rewording a medical questionnaire, report or any other document. Here are some common mistakes.
Adding personal opinion: Medical documents are about facts and figures and mostly they are based on the diagnostic test reports. If we will write our own opinion, it may be misleading.

  • Omitting information. While rephrasing, if we will omit an important part, it will make the content incomplete and confusing.
  • Plagiarism. It is very important to mention the source and acknowledge the author, we cannot take the credit of someone else’s work.
  • Self-plagiarism. People don’t consider it as plagiarism but writing your own work again in another paper is also a type of plagiarism. It must be avoided.
  • Using synonyms. Many people think that using synonyms will be enough for rephrasing, but it is a big mistake. Replacing words with their synonyms will make your text confusing and grammatically incorrect.
  • Grammatical mistakes. When writing scientific papers and medical documents, we usually do not care for the grammatical errors, which is a serious mistake.
  • Spelling errors. Spelling and typos make your text unreadable and if words are misused they cause a misunderstanding as well. So, you have to be careful about spellings as well.

Paraphrasing: Good Techniques Vs Bad Techniques

Paraphrasing is not easy, particularly medical paraphrasing. You can find nursing paraphrasing tool, but before using that you should know the good and bad paraphrasing techniques, which may help you.

Good paraphrasing
  • Change the voice. It is a popular paraphrasing technique. You can change active voice into passive voice or vice versa.
  • Write in your own style. Read the original content and then write it in your own words and in your own style. Don’t copy others, your style can make your content unique.
  • Using reversals. It is very important to change the words only and not to change the meanings of the text. You can use the reversal of a word like, if the original text says, “It is not possible”, you can write “impossible” instead.
Bad paraphrasing
  • Using lengthy phrases. When people use paraphrasing in a medical sentence the paraphrased content is very long than the original one. It is an example of bad paraphrasing.
  • Replacing words with synonyms. You need to change the complete sentence structure. Replacing words with their synonyms is a bad practice.
  • Not quoting the source. If you will not quote the source properly, it will be considered as plagiarism.
  • Changing the meaning. Most of the people have limited vocabulary and they cannot find appropriate words. The meaning of the paraphrased sentences gets changed in such cases.

Manual Text Rewording and Its Limitations

When you are paraphrasing health or social care content, many people prefer to do it on their own. You can do it, but there are some limitations. For instance, it is not easy to paraphrase medical terminology. If you will not paraphrase it, it will be considered as plagiarism. Moreover, it will take a lot of your time and you may not be able to do it properly. During paraphrasing, people make a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, which reduce the quality of paraphrasing. So, paraphrasing on your own is not a good idea, until you are an expert.

medical terminology rephrasing

Is Medical Paraphrasing Tool a Good Solution?

Now a day many paraphrasing tools are available, which offer different services and features. If you will choose the best medical paraphrasing tool, it can help you to paraphrase your content to some extent. However, as far as medical paraphrasing is concerned, experts do not recommend using these tools, because they may not do the job with accuracy, which is extremely required. Here are some pros and cons of using a paraphrasing tool.

► Pros
Usually, the paraphrasing tools are free, you can save money.
They work quickly, you can paraphrase a large document in a short time.
Simple to use, everyone, can easily use them.
You can get some other features like spell check and grammar check as well.
They are available round the clock, for any time use.
► Cons
Sometimes they are not really accurate, particularly for medical paraphrasing.
After using them, you have to proofread yourself. There is no proofreader with them.
You may need to download it and it can take huge space on your disk drive.
It may change the meaning of your content.
Cannot help with medical terminology and phrases, which may result in plagiarism.

Online Medical Paraphrasing Services: Are They Trustworthy?

You can do medical paraphrasing yourself or use an online tool for that. Another option is to use online paraphrasing services. You can find many services online, who provide paraphrasing services. They have different features and ask for different prices, depending on the nature of work, urgency and academic level. However, like others, there are some pros and cons of using online services as well.

► Pros
  • All medical terms and phrases will be properly paraphrased.
  • High accuracy
  • They also do proofreading
  • You will not be one of the plagiarism examples in medicines, they do proper paraphrasing
  • They paraphrase in a good writing style, according to the context
  • They save your time and effort
  • Easily accessible online
  • Keep you updated about the status of your document
► Cons
  • You have to pay them, according to the urgency and type of document.
  • There can be delays if you select an unreliable service.
  • Plenty of services are available, difficult to choose one.
  • Some people get worried about their privacy.
  • Sometimes the quality of the service is not good.

How Our Service Can Help with Medical Paraphrasing?

If you need to paraphrase medical paper, we are here to help you. We have a team of experts, who work hard to provide top quality paraphrasing services. They have expertise in medical paraphrasing, so the result is highly accurate content. If we will paraphrase your content, there will be no chance of plagiarism in a medical research paper. We offer our services for affordable prices and we can save a lot of your time as well. You will get quality content without any effort.

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