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How to Reword Articles to Post on Blog? Answer You Never Expected to Hear

Do You Need to Rewrite Text for a Website?

Content, as they say, is the king when it comes to generating visitors and ultimately income through your website or blog. But creating endless amounts of unique and attention-grabbing content for your blog is far from easy. Most blog owners start off full of enthusiasm but that will often wear off and start paraphrasing articles after a short time as they run out of ideas about what to write. One way to increase the number of pages that you can publish across your sites is to learn how to reword articles to post on blog sites or paraphrase online.

By rewriting a blog post that you have already spent time on researching and writing you provide yourself with additional content that you can use elsewhere on the internet without any penalties to your site. Google and other search engines look for original content when they decide what they want to include within the search results. If your site is filled with copies then you will find that your site may not appear as high within the results as you would like.

Not only does your content need to be unique it also has to be written in a way that allows it to be found by the search engines. It also has to be able to grab attention; unless the person that opens the page then reads it, then again your page could suffer as it may be judged as being low quality.

Why Do You Need Unique and Catchy Content on Your Blog?

You can start a website or blog about almost anything, from keeping fish through to writing better in school. There are no limits about what you can write about. However if you are writing with the aim of making money through your site then you do need to consider whether anyone will be searching for the information that you are providing. Personal blogs that ramble on about daily life are rarely successful. You need to have a niche that people are interested in if you want to attract visitors.

You need to provide your readers with information that they want to read in a catchy way through your own unique writing. The search engines will monitor how each visitor they send to your site interacts with the content that you have there. If the visitors quickly return to the search engine then they will demote your site down the search engine ratings so that you may have to search through several pages of the search engine results before you can find your site.

However, content that searchers take the time to read and even click links within will be seen as superior content. This will then be promoted through the search engines and may even get to the top of the first page if it is good enough. So it is very important that your writing is not just unique, it must also provide the reader with the information that they are looking for in an attention-grabbing way.

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What Else Must Your Blog Have to Be a Success?

Not only must your content be capable of impressing your readers it must also be capable of being found by the search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in. You have to understand what keywords are and how they relate to what people search for online. You also need to understand where and how they need to be placed within your blog posts.

Improper use of SEO can cause you to simply be overlooked by the search engines or may even cause you to be penalized if the search engines think you are trying to game them.

Remember this advice from Rizan Ullah writing on “Blogging is tricky and very competitive. You’re in an industry where brand and audience matter so use these strategies to keep them engaged. The more actionable, shareable, and powerful your content, the greater loyalty from your audience, however, you have to find what works so take some time to track your progress. In the end, engaging your audience should be your main concern.”

Using an Article Rewriter Tool to Reword Content for Your Blog

The quickest way by far to rewrite any content for your blog is to use a piece of software that is known as a spinner. This software can automatically paraphrase blog posts hundreds of times creating unique content. However it is not likely to be effective purely because it is not going to produce content that will engage your readers. It may even get your site penalized for using copied content as often it is still possible to see that it has been copied.

These software programs work in a very simple manner. They change words for synonyms making the text unique. However these programs cannot read and will then use words out of context as most words have multiple meanings. So they tend to turn out complete garbage. If you want engaging content that is going to effective then it will need to be rewritten by a person that understands what your audience is looking for not an article rewriter tool.

Rewriting Blog Articles for Use

It is important to understand why you are rewriting your blog articles before you start the process. Are your rewriting to create additional content that you can reuse elsewhere or are you rewriting for SEO purposes to improve the ranking of the page?

The following steps should be followed when rewriting any blog or website page:

  • Read the pages so that you are sure that you have a full understanding of what has been written.
  • Understand what the keywords are that need to be included within the post so that it can be found through the search engines.
  • Make simple notes of the different points raised within the original article. Use your own words only for your notes.
  • Order those notes into a logical order for your rewriting.
  • Rewrite the article using the notes and the keywords only. Do not overuse the keywords within the text and do not refer back to the original writing.
  • Review the new article to the original and change anything that has been duplicated so that it is unique.
  • Proofread your writing very carefully, the search engines will also demote content that contains writing errors as it is a sign of less professional work.

We Can Help with Your Blog Paraphrasing Online

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