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How to Paraphrase Like a Professional

How to paraphrase professionally

how to paraphraseTo understand what it takes to write the most accurate paraphrase one must first learn what exactly a paraphrase is. A paraphrase is basically nothing new. Yes, there is no extended information in a paraphrase. Paraphrasing is possible only when an original paragraph exists on which paraphrasing needs to be done. Describing the very original paragraph in your own unique words is called paraphrasing. Creating a good paraphrase require no special skills or heavy professionalism. Even a high school student can create a professionally written paraphrase. This is because there is no super knowledge required to paraphrase. Neither is there a requirement to add special phrases or quotes to existing text. Rather you need only rewrite the paragraph in a short form. The same information is rewritten and rephrased.

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Summarizing and paraphrasing: understanding the difference

summarizing and paraphrasingOne must understand that a paraphrase is not the summary of a paragraph. Rather it is short, elaborative and easy to understand. A summary is a little more descriptive than the paraphrase. For example, if someone needs to understand the concept of a paragraph, what do you think he’d require? Maybe a short paragraph that covers every main point of that paragraph will do. That paragraph must have the basic concept of the original paragraph; that’ll explain the purpose and the main idea of it. This very short paragraph is basically a paraphrase. A summary, as said earlier, is a little more elaborative because it covers each and every point in a short form; whereas the paraphrase only include the core information of the original paragraph.  There’s a difference and this difference must be kept in mind while writing.

What do you require to write a perfect paraphrase?

Well, it is simple. There is no special expertise required to paraphrase. However, the beginning is always the hardest. For the beginners paraphrasing might be a little difficult. To solve their difficulties and to provide a helping hand, ParaphrasingService.biz fires expert writers to solve ambiguities and complexities while paraphrasing. The experts follow the world renowned APA and MLA formats and provide their customers with the most professionally written paraphrases. Our doors are open to everyone. You are a student of junior school who has an assignment of paraphrasing or you are an office going head clerk who needs to submit a paraphrased article in a day; you certainly need not worry because our experts don’t only provide quality but are very much efficient.

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