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Why Do You Need to Paraphrase an Essay?

Knowing how to paraphrase in an essay is important as it is the technique that you will use to rewrite what has already been written into completely unique text while still retaining the meaning from the original essay. This is done for several different reasons such as to target a different audience with your writing, to simplify or improve the writing, or to simply use the information elsewhere without any issues with plagiarism. But getting your paraphrasing done quickly and also accurately is often one of the most difficult writing tasks that you will undertake. Most writers find it very difficult to come up with totally unique wording for the essay. Others find it difficult to not change the meaning as they will either add to the essay or miss out points that were raised. Good reworder online tools also are not so good.

This is why many will want to find as much help and advice as they can with their own paraphrasing whether it is for a whole essay or just to rewrite a paragraph to include within their own writing as a reference. This page will help you to better understand just what you need to do to ensure that your text is unique and perfectly reflects that original meaning.

Where Is Essay Rewording Used?

Essay rewording or thanksgiving writing paper is done usually so that you can use the same essay again without having to worry about any issues with plagiarism or copying. It is also done to improve or simplify your writing or even to target a different audience for your writing. We can also use paraphrasing to use text from another writer within our essay rather than using a direct quotation. If we use other writers work however we used always use a citation to give credit to them.

reasons to paraphrase an essay

Paraphrasing is suitable for all forms of essays such as:

  • Descriptive essays; these are essays that describe what the author will see or feel through their senses.
  • Definition essays; an essay that seeks to define something will offer an in-depth explanation, not just a few lines as you would find in the dictionary.
  • Cause and Effect essays; this type of essay will seek to explain how and why things happen the way that they do.
  • Compare and Contrast; this style of essay seeks to show the similarities (compare) or the differences (contrast) between two or more things such as places, people or events.
  • Narrative style essays; this is the traditional story telling style of writing that seeks to employ your imagination fully.
  • Argumentative essays; this style of essay seeks to get the writer to clearly identify facts in support of their argument.
  • Expository Essays; is an essay that gets the writer to fully explore something through the use of clear and methodical research.
  • Persuasive essays; this type of essay does far more than state your belief about something as you would with an argumentative essay; you will seek to change the readers opinion to mirror your own.
  • Application essays or statement of purpose essays; these are personal essays written about yourself to persuade an admissions committee to accept your application for a place on an educational program or scholarship.

As the Purdue OWL instructs us: “If you used the original writer’s language without any changes, it limits your own learning; by paraphrasing and summarizing, you make a piece of information your own, and you understand it better.”

How to Paraphrase within Critical Writing

Paraphrasing is not a simple skill to learn. It is also not something that can be done effectively through a computer. Many will try to use one of the many pieces of software that can be used, they will however soon learn that these programs will more often than not just turn out complete nonsense that you cannot use. The reason is because of the way that they work. Paraphrasing is about understanding, something that a computer cannot do. Therefore it works by mechanically changing words for synonyms. But as many words have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used and we use many idioms and other devices in our writing the computer will get it wrong.

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To paraphrase effectively and accurately within an essay follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Read through the work to be paraphrased to ensure that you fully understand what is being said. When you paraphrase you are seeking to repeat the meaning so it is vital that you fully understand exactly what is being said within the original text. This will often mean reading it several times so that you miss nothing.
  2. Make notes in your own words of the points that are being raised within the essay or other work that you want to paraphrase. These can be simple notes on a post it pad or similar, one idea to each sheet in your own words.
  3. Organize your notes into a meaningful and logical order for your rewriting. There is no need to use the exact same sequence as used within the original. Sometimes it is far more appropriate to use a different order that may be more logical or better suit your target audience or purpose.
  4. Rewrite using only your notes for guidance, do not refer back to the original writing in any way. For best results try to leave some time between your initial reading and the rewriting so that you are less familiar with the original text.
  5. Compare the rewritten text to the original and make and necessary alterations if you have ended up copying any of the original text. If there are any key or very unique phrases that you have reused then ensure that they are in quotation marks to show that they are direct quotations.

Once completed ensure that you make any required citations and also very carefully proofread your writing so that there are no remaining errors in what you have rewritten.

idea for essay rewording

Change Sentences with Same Meaning Using Synonyms

While simply swapping words for synonyms should not be used for doing your whole paraphrase, you should still use synonyms to help you to ensure that your work will be unique as well as potentially selecting more suitable language for your writing. The following are some websites where you can find synonyms online:

We Can Help with Your Essay Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing can be simple if you take the time to thoroughly understand what you need to rewrite. However it can still be a time consuming task to undertake. Because of this you may want to make use of our highly specialized and effective paraphrasing services for your essays.

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