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How to Lower Plagiarism on Turnitin

An Introduction to Turnitin and Who Uses It

Before getting into how to lower plagiarism on Turnitin, it is essential first to understand what it is and how it works. Turnitin is a professional commercial plagiarism prevention service offered online by iParadigms LLC. The Turnitin website checks submitted documents for plagiarism, originality as well as the possibility of similarity in content to other online sources. Due to Turnitin’s ability to scan and compare submitted papers to numerous student and academic databases, it is commonly used by the high school as well as higher learning students to check their papers for originality before handing them to their teachers and lecturers respectively. According to the Turnitin team, the paraphrasing service gets utilized by over 30 million students across the globe in roughly 15,000 learning institutions.

How Turnitin Detects Plagiarism

In addition to other anti-plagiarism software utilized by universities such as:

Turnitin detects plagiarism by comparing the submitted text to its very own database as well as other affiliate and related academic databases through licensing agreements for similarities in the content. The website utilizes a proprietary algorithm that scans, identifies and matches similar content from other online sources. The sources include archived articles, online documents, publications, journals, periodicals as well as submitted academic papers. If any similarities of matching texts get discovered in the submitted paper, they get displayed via the similarity report. The similarity report in Turnitin can be found in the similarity column once algorithm completes scanning the submitted paper.

It is essential to note that resubmitted or overwritten papers don’t generate a summary report for up to twenty-four hours so that they can generate properly without matching with the previously submitted papers. In most cases, only the instructors of the assignment can view the similarity report while students may be required to seek permission from their lecturers/instructors to gain access to their similarity report on their submitted papers. The Similarity report includes a percentage and a matching color. Blue indicates 0% matching; green suggests at least one matching word and a matching of 24%; yellow indicates a matching similarity of between 25% and 49%; orange signifies a similarity of 50%-74%; while red reports the highest percentage of similarity ranging from 75%-100%.

lower plagiarism

You can download our full guide on how to lower plagiarism on Turnitin.

Turnitin doesn’t really check for plagiarism but scans for areas with texts that match other papers, documents, periodicals, journals, etc. in its database. Hence, even if a student has applied quotations and citations, Turnitin will find a similarity match. However, instructors use the Similarity Score Index (SSI) to determine if the match can be accepted or not as per academic regulations of the institution. Hence, it is up to the teacher/lecturer/instructor’s discretion to determine if the matching text qualifies as plagiarism.

Different Ways to Decrease Plagiarism in Turnitin

How to beat Turnitin software is a daunting topic for most students. However, over the years, some effective strategies on how to reduce plagiarism online have been developed. The best way to ensure 0 percent similarity Turnitin lies in the art of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is the rewording or rephrasing of a sentence without changing its meaning using your own words to make original. However, proper paraphrasing takes time and lots of practice to get it right. Hence, if you want to paraphrase and beat Turnitin effectively, below are useful points to keep in mind.

tips on how to lower plagiarism on turnitin

Never copy from the source more than two words in a row. If more than two consecutive words get reproduced the same, Turnitin will detect the plagiarism. However, if the situation cannot get avoided, make sure to use quotation marks.
To decrease plagiarism, using citation will prevent you from getting copied text reports. Replacing a few words in the sentence or phrase with their synonyms also doesn’t work, mainly because someone has already done it in the past. Hence, every version of the sentence using different synonyms already exists in Turnitin’s database. In quotations, it is essential to mention the owner and references the source of copied content. This way you will not be penalized for plagiarism considering you have given credit to the owner of original works.
Switch active voice to passive voice and vice versa. Though this is not recommended for newbie academic writers, it is quite an effective way to increase originality in your paper. If you copy an idea or a phrase from a different source and rewrite it in passive voice contrary to the original text owner’s active voice, Turnitin’s algorithm will not detect it as plagiarism since the sentence will get completely rephrased.
Use a paraphrasing service. A paraphrasing service offers professional academic paper writing services for a fee. The main advantage of the service is that the paper gets written by specialists who have mastered the art of paraphrasing and thus know how to make the borrowed content seem 100% original and therefore, Turnitin will detect negligible to zero plagiarism.

paraphrasing plagiarism example     paraphrasing plagiarism sample

Seven Tips on How a Paraphrasing Service Beats Turnitin Plagiarism

For most students, hiring a paraphrasing service is the best option on how to lower plagiarism on Turnitin. Below are seven essential points as to why a professional writing service is an answer to the question ‘how to reduce plagiarism percentage online?’

  • Unparallel experience. Most paraphrasing and academic paper writing service providers are composed of former lecturers and graduate students. As a result, they possess adequate knowledge of the inner workings of marking academic papers. For former lecturers, they already know how the manual scrutiny is conducted on submitted papers to determine the relevance of percentage similarity as plagiarism. Hence, they can provide a write a paper that is guaranteed to meet your instructor/lecturer’s Turnitin marking criteria.
  • Paraphrasing experts. Using paraphrase tool will not do here. Professional writers are experts at rewriting an essay so that it appears originally written. Even if the content gets sourced from an online source, their rewording and rephrasing skills are no match for the Turnitin plagiarism checker.
  • Proper use of citations, quotation marks, and references. In most cases, it is impossible to avoid plagiarism alerts on Turnitin. However, by using quotation marks, references, and citation to give credit to your sources of information, the lecturer will rule out the cited and referenced areas of the text as plagiarism free in spite of what the similarity report says.
  • Having someone else write your paper will beat Turnitin as long as the paper is only submitted once by the student. Hence, a paraphrasing service can write an original paper for you, and it will never be flagged by Turnitin because just you will have submitted it.
  • Adequate research. A professional paraphrasing firm has the resources, time and skills to conduct proper research into a paper from various sources both offline and online. Hence, the information contained in the paper will be original as it has not been copied from a singular source. Even if any of it gets copied, the plagiarism level should be negligible enough for the lecturer to allow it.
  • A rich experience with Turnitin. Academic paraphrasing writers have worked on hundreds if not thousands of different papers. With such a rich knowledge of beating many plagiarism checkers utilized by various learning institutions, they have worked out multiple ways of how to lower plagiarism on Turnitin including the efficient use of passive voice.
  • Most paraphrasing service providers have instructor access to Turnitin, and thus they can check and fix the plagiarism errors before they hand you your paper for submission. Therefore, when your lecturer checks the paper for plagiarism via Turnitin, the paper will be original as per Turnitin standards.

Our paraphrasing service provides the best plagiarism free academic papers for students in all fields of learning. We aspire to deliver relevant, informative and original papers on time with the guarantee of reduced plagiarism.

If you need an original, professionally written essay, get in touch with us for professional paraphrasing services. Let us worry about how to lower plagiarism on Turnitin for you.