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Feature 1: Rewrites Foul Texts
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Feature 3: Fixes Syntax, Punctuation
Feature 4: Fixes Citations formatting
Feature 5: Checks Language, Style
Feature 6: Is a Tool
Feature 7: Revises Text Multiple Times
Feature 8: Provides Feedback
Feature 9: Scripted Feature
Feature 10: Analyzes your paper
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Make Use of Online Tools Today and Achieve Originality

When students submit assignments to their tutors, their expectations are good grades and comments. However, this is not always the case for some, especially when plagiarism is cited as an issue with their work. This happens when they copy ideas from other writers without changing words in them.

A similar case happens when other writers, for example, bloggers and website owners fail to write the text using other words borrowed content. In such a situation, they stand to lose credibility from their target audience and jeopardize the traffic flow to their sites.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, you should look for ways to eliminate plagiarism from your work. This you can easily do by using our app that helps you in re-phrasing your content without losing its original meaning and ensuring that it is original, interesting and unique. The tool is very easy to navigate and use. It is the ultimate solution for writers whose goal is the generation of extraordinary content.

Unique Features of Our Paraphrasing Tool App

This paraphrasing app is designed using several distinctive features that make it appealing to our customers.

It Rebuilds Sentence Structure

It ensures that your main points are not compromised even after paraphrasing by rebuilding the content’s structure and eliminating wordiness.

Summarizes Article

The art of summarizing a piece of writing can be a daunting task for an author struggling to use their words to shrink sentences or paragraphs. If you struggle with this, do not worry as our paraphrase app could help. All you have to do is select the summarize button after the content has been reworded.

A Proofreading Tool

The application also has a feature that double-checks all rephrased content for any wrong use of punctuation marks or grammar. Besides, it also checks for misspelling to ensure that the paper delivered is flawless.

Reword Repetition Feature

This feature eliminates redundancy in your work by checking your work for words repeated over and over throughout the paraphrased text.

A Coherence Feature

The coherence text flow aspect of the paraphrasing tool app ensures that you convey your ideas in a way that you will not leave your readers confused.


This feature gives credibility to your work by ensuring that all generated content is plagiarism-free. The app further allows users to ascertain the originality of their work. It contains plagiarism checker software through which users can run the content they have been paraphrasing to determine its level of uniqueness.

An App that Allows Different Paraphrasing Techniques

What makes ours the best paraphrasing app in the market is the fact that it allows the users to select from a variety of techniques. One of them is the use of synonyms where words that are closest in meaning with the ones included in your content are generated.

Other techniques included in the engine are the changing of words and sentences from one part of speech to another, the use of various connecting words, and definition structures. Thus, depending on your needs, you can choose the most applicable technique and still be sure that the resulting content will be original and unique.

Access Other Services As Well

Besides using this app to rephrase sentences, you can also rely on it to access our other services. One of them is choosing an expert instead to work on your document.
The real professional will go beyond rewording your paragraphs and sentences to fixing citations, correcting punctuation and grammar mistakes, and use of correct terminology.
Other services you can get through our application are:

  • Word counter tools
  • Referencing guides
  • Rewriting services
  • Essay and dissertation writing

Reasons to Use Our Apps

You might have come across various applications online. This might get you questioning why you should choose ours over all the rest. The primary reason is that it is extremely easy to use. It allows you to directly upload the files you would like to paraphrase from your computer.

Alternatively, this application also allows you to copy and paste the content you want to rephrase directly from the internet. Furthermore, our app guarantees the delivery of quality texts. Therefore, whether you are a blogger or student aiming at improving the quality of their work, take advantage of our software and achieve your goals.

You do not have to struggle anymore with eliminating plagiarism in your work through paraphrasing. Contact us today and get guidance on navigating and using the app.

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