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FAQs on What Is Paraphrasing

What is paraphrasing?

In a one line answer, a paraphrase is a rephrased text that expresses the meaning of the original paragraph, achieving greater clarity. To further explain, let’s say a paraphrase is actually the same paragraph written in different words. There’s uniqueness in the style of writing and the words but both the paraphrase and the original paragraph expresses the same meaning. The paraphrase is also referred to as a short yet an elaborate form of a paragraph. Expressing the same meaning in your own words is called paraphrasing.

How would you define paraphrase?

A paraphrased can be defined in different forms. But the basic and most accurate definition will be; “The restatement of the existing texts of a paragraph in unique and new words in a shorter form is called a paraphrase” Or a paraphrase can also be defined as; “A paragraph written in your own words to clarify the meaning of an existing paragraph is called a paraphrase” So, basically a paraphrase is a short form of an original paragraph that elaborates the meaning of it.

What should a paraphrase include?

A paraphrase must be easy to understand and elaborative too. There’s nothing specific that a paraphrase must include in its self but the only thing to be kept is to never lose focus on the core point of the paragraph. The main idea in a paragraph is to be conveyed in the paraphrase. Its main purpose is the better understanding of the reader. For writing a paraphrase one must first clearly understand the definition of paraphrase. It is simply to express the idea in a restatement.

How much elaborative should a paraphrase be?

This question is always raised by the beginners. Understanding this very point is very important to paraphrase. The answer to this question is simple; a paraphrase should only be elaborative enough to make the original paragraph understand.
Can a paraphrase include exact quoting?

No! A paraphrase is a short elaboration of the original paragraph. It must not include exact quotes or phrases rather it must only include the main idea. For example, if there are quotes in the original paragraph to focus on the core point, you must not quote it exactly in the paraphrase but you should indirectly convey the message. This means that you can either express the quoted text in your own words or if the original paragraph wholly consists of a quote then you indirectly write down his expressions, clarifying the core idea of it.

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