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Paraphrasing is a tough task and it is hard to complete it especially if your content is long and advanced but when you have a guide, you will not struggle. The best thing when paraphrasing is using different words to avoid plagiarism. You need to take the systematical process in paragraph rephrasing and ensuring the meaning will be retained or else you will change the text and you are no longer paraphrasing.

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Example of Paraphrasing a Paragraph

Paraphrasing a paragraph is harder than paraphrasing a sentence because what you need to paraphrase is longer which means you need to know lots of vocabulary, different words with the same meaning and much more. Here is a rewrite example of paraphrasing you can check out to be your guide so that you will not much have a hard time getting started.


With an example of paraphrasing a paragraph and a help from a professional online paraphrasing software, rewording will become an easy task!


There you have it one example of paraphrasing you can have for yourself. It can serve as your help or reference so that when you need to paraphrase, you will not struggle, unlike others. Regardless, there are also article rewriter online services you can search online to view their samples. The examples they have are professional, effective and great which help you.

In conclusion, many people find paraphrasing a tough task and time consuming but the good thing is that there are examples on the web they can search. They also have the opportunity to get some tips that will help them more to do better.

Common Mistakes in Paraphrasing

There are a few commonplace errors you must learn how to avoid while paraphrasing paragraph.

  1. Keep away from failing to well known (through an in-textual content citation or direct prices) the out of doors source from which you obtained your records or thoughts.
  2. Acknowledging the writer in an in-textual content citation but failing to include quotation marks around any phrases or phrasing that you have borrowed from the author
  3. Keep away from switching out or changing round of a few phrases in a creator’s sentence(s) to be used on your paper.
  4. Exception: whilst paraphrasing, you do no longer need to without delay cites commonplace knowledge.

Paraphrasing Techniques: Example of Paraphrasing a Paragraph

Replace the Words with Better Synonyms

Original:  The American Government declared that the aids disaster poses a countrywide safety hazard. The declaration accompanied an intelligence report that observed excessive rates of HIV contamination may want to cause extensive political destabilization.

Paraphrase: The government of America introduced that aids could harm the state’s security.  The government warned the populace after a vital governmental take a look at concluded that political issues should result from big numbers of people inflamed with HIV (smell, 2005).

Alternate Numbers and Possibilities to Exclusive Paperwork

Authentic: Minority corporations within America had been hit toughest by using the epidemic.  African people, who make up 13 percent of the U.S. Population, accounted for 46 percent of the aids cases diagnosed in 1998.

Paraphrase: The aids epidemic has in generally affected minorities in America. As an instance, in 1998, less than 15 percentage of the total population was African, however, nearly 1/2 of the humans diagnosed with aids inside the USA that you were African the US (Jensen, 2000).

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