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Why Do We Need Engineering Paraphrasing?

There are a lot of branches of systems engineering and engineers have to write a verity of papers, during their professional and student life. Many of them choose to rephrase online, due to Shortage of time and skills. You may wonder why an engineer need to rephrase? There are many reasons for that. Now a day, we have many online forums, where engineers post their findings and researches.

When you post content on different forums, you need to rephrase it and use paraphrase checker. Secondly, when you write a research paper and quote previous work, you need to paraphrase it before you make it part of your research paper. Moreover, you need to reword the report, if you want to publish it in another engineering journal. So, there are plenty of reasons, which force you to paraphrase. Reword online or use some kind of tool or do it yourself, different options as available.

10 Types of Engineering Documents You May Have to Write

  • Test protocol
  • Engineering Feasibility Report
  • Technical analysis of a Mechanical System
  • Business plan
  • Engineering Change order
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Thesis
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Research paper
  • Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

What Are the Difficulties in Engineering Paraphrasing?

Engineering paraphrasing is required for different reasons. But it is not easy at all. You need to have a good vocabulary, knowledge of paraphrasing techniques and good writing skills. You have to keep in mind that the meaning of the text will remain the same, but you have to use different words to express the same thing. People face different problems during paraphrasing, here we are discussing a few.

Rewording terminologies

Paraphrasing in engineering may involve rewording terminologies, may be plenty of them. Sometimes there are no synonyms of such terms and things are really technical for rewording.

Use for formulas

Engineering and mathematics are very close to each other and engineering documents have mathematical formulas in them. If you will not rephrase them properly, they will be caught as plagiarism and rewording formula seems impossible.

Using appropriate examples

Sometimes you need to add other examples, different from the ones in the original text. But it’s very difficult to find similar yet different examples.

Keeping the length same

When we paraphrase any document, it gets longer than the original one. It is very difficult to reword and keep the length of the document nearly the same. Try to avoid it, you may find some paraphrase checker.

professional engineering rephrasing

5 Important Steps in Paraphrasing

You can find an engineering paraphrasing tool easily. However, if you want to reword online yourself, it is very important to know some basic steps and techniques, which can help you to paraphrase. If you will try to reword your document without any guidance, you will waste your time and the result will not be according to your requirements. Here are some paraphrasing steps, which you may find helpful.

  • Read carefully. The first step for paraphrasing is to read the original text carefully. Try to grab the basic ideas. Make sure you understand the meanings of all words and sentences.
  • Make an outline. Before you start writing, make an outline and write all the important points. Make sure you have not missed an important idea or point.
  • Change the sentence structure. Now start writing, but make sure you not only replace words with their synonyms, but you have to change the complete sentence structure.
  • Be careful about keywords. Every sentence has one or more keywords. You have to be careful about them. Don’t use them as they were in the original text.
  • Check for mistakes. Once you are done, check your engineering rephrase and make sure it has no similarities with the original.

Paraphrasing in Engineering: 5 Tips for Best Paraphrasing

You can find plenty of examples of plagiarism in engineering and to avoid this problem, you need to paraphrase. But paraphrasing is not enough, you need to paraphrase properly. Only a good paraphrase can express meaning. If you will not be able to reword properly, the meaning of the text will be difficult to understand for the reader. We have compiled some tips for you, which can help you to paraphrase easily and accurately.

► Understand the content

It is very important to understand the content, which you have to paraphrase. If you will not understand properly, you will never be able to paraphrase it. If you don’t understand the meanings of certain words, look for them in the dictionary. But never start paraphrasing without properly understanding the original text.

► Write in your own style

It is very important not to copy the style of an engineering article rewriter. Write in your own style, it is very important for the originality of text. If you will write in your own style the flow of text will be great and the reader will remain engaged.

► Rephrase all important points

You need to rephrase all the important points. Missing some points may be about missing some important ideas. If you will miss ideas, the resultant text will be useless, and the purpose of paraphrasing will not be fulfilled.

► Use quotation marks

There may be some terms or phrases in the original text, which cannot be rephrased. For those, you must put quotation marks. If you will not use quotation marks, it will be considered plagiarism. Use of quotation marks is important when you are paraphrasing technical writing.

► Proofread and edit

It is the most important tip when you paraphrase. Do editing and proofreading of the entire content. Make sure you have not used the words from the original text and there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.

Paraphrasing in Engineering: Good and Bad Examples

Like any other field, you can find examples of plagiarism in engineering as well. Plagiarism is a serious offense and people have to lose their jobs and degrees, just because they are accused of plagiarism. It is very important to avoid plagiarism in any type of content, it can be your research paper, an article for your blog or your dissertation. To avoid plagiarism, we do paraphrasing, but paraphrasing should be good enough. It should convey the meanings of the original text but in different words. Here is an example of good and bad paraphrasing, which will help you to understand it better

Original content
“Mechanical engineering emerged as a field during the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century; however, its development can be traced back several thousand years around the world. In the 19th century, developments in physics led to the development of mechanical engineering science. The field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements; today mechanical engineers are pursuing developments in such areas as composites, mechatronics, and nanotechnology.” (Source: Wikipedia)
Bad paraphrasing
Mechanical engineering developed as a field through the Industrial Revolt in Europe in the 18th century; nevertheless, its expansion can be traced back many thousand years around the globe. In the 19th century, developments in physics directed to the development of mechanical engineering science. The area has constantly changed to integrate progress; today mechanical engineers are following developments in such areas as composites, mechatronics, and nanotechnology.

You can clearly see, that some words are replaced by their synonyms only here. It is a bad paraphrasing example, which can be easily caught for plagiarism.

Good paraphrasing
In the 18th century, when Europe was passing through an industrial revolution, mechanical engineering developed as a separate field of study. But, if we see the history, we can find the development of this field of study thousands of years ago in different parts of the world. Advancement of mechanical engineering science was the result of progress in the field of physics. It emerged as a dynamic field, which continues to evolve and advance. Now a day, mechanical engineering has been progressed and further given rise to other fields like nanotechnology, mechatronics, and composites.

engineering rephrasing

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