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Check How We Work – an Example of Paraphrasing Sentences

Numerous example of paraphrasing sentences is available on the web. Many students that find paraphrasing a hard task rely with example of paraphrasing a paragraph or many other ones, because they know that it helps them on what they need to do and how they able to construct new sentences by using different words, synonyms and vocabulary.

An Example of Paraphrasing Sentences

An example of paraphrasing is necessary especially if it is your first time to paraphrase. It is important necessary that the first step you should do is to check out examples aside from searching for tips as your guide. Here are examples available for you.

Original sentence: Her education allows him to learn and gain more about what her specialization.

Paraphrase: Because of her education, she able to increase her knowledge about the field she chose.

Original sentence: John drinks eight glasses of water every day because it helps him having a healthy lifestyle.

Paraphrase: John wants to have a healthy lifestyle that is why he ensures to drink eight glasses of water every day.

Original sentence: Any trip to America should include visit to Disneyland to try the wonderland rides they have.

Paraphrase: Be sure to include Disneyland in your list when you visit America to experience their rides.

Here are only some of the examples you can read and serve as your guide. You will find out that there are words changed in order to make it original, but if you still need tips to get started, here are what you are looking for:

  • example of paraphrasing sentencesRead the text for 2 or 3 times until you get the meaning
  • Put the text away and start to write using different words.
  • Look for unfamiliar words and check for the meaning.
  • Check your paraphrasing to the original text to be sure there are no same words
  • Include a citation about the source

There you have it good examples as well as tips that help you to begin paraphrasing your text. When you fully understand what you should do, getting started is not a hard time for you since you have a guide and examples and you can always use our online sentence rewriter if you need.

Begin paraphrasing today using example of paraphrasing sentences!