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Best Approaches on How to Paraphrase Words

paraphrasing strategies

There are numerous approaches on how to paraphrase words but sometimes you need to have skills and abilities in paraphrasing words to create wonderful output. As you can read on our paraphrasing service web resource, paraphrasing is not simply just the way you are thinking because the process is complicated.

When doing paraphrasing, it is important to note some paraphrasing strategies because you can only have a great paraphrasing when you know what you are doing and our paraphrasing service website can help you with this. Using the strategies helps you to do the right thing.

Paraphrasing Strategies to Guide You

  • Read the original source: This is a paraphrasing strategy you should not forget. You need to read the original so that you understand what it is saying. You need to make a research and be sure you understand what it says.
  • Read the passage again: The time you understand the passage, it is now the time to read it again and identify the essential phrases and words.
  • Right on your own words: Keep away the original text and start to write using your own words. It is important that you use other words to avoid plagiarism especially you are doing paraphrasing.
  • Compare: The time you are done in paraphrasing, you need to compare what you have written to the original text. There are instances that your new version is similar to the original. With that, you need to revise again so that there are no resemblances.
  • Change words: Do think of words that you don’t know instead use words that you are familiar with. If you don’t know the meaning of some words, use the thesaurus. It is your help to know the meaning and to think of new words.
  • Change the structure: It is necessary to change the structure of the details and you can do it in lots of variables such as rearranging the phrases in a sentence.
  • Modify word: You can change the active voice from passive voice and vice versa.
  • Condense original: In this strategy, you need to be careful so that you will not remove the essential information.
  • Extend the original source: This is a common strategy especially when you are trying to explain something using your own words.

Aside from this, you need to remember that when you rephrase sentences by sentence, you cannot help but follow the same structure that the original author used. In this case, better to paraphrase by paragraph so that you can identify which ideas you want to group. When you are all done on the things you need to do, make a comparison to the original and with the new version to make sure there are no longer similar words or sentences.

Paraphrasing Words: Distinct Operations

  • Unpack grammar and syntax such as unpacking phrases and clauses by paying attention to punctuation
  • Unpack vocabulary like attacking roots by using context clues and prior knowledge
  • Draw inferences from idioms

Word Paraphrase Best Tips

  • Bracket or circle words that can’t be changed or you don’t want to change: There are words that can’t be changed since it is crucial to the meaning of the original passage. If you change the words, it will change the meaning that is why it is essential that you circle or bracket to words that can’t be changed. The words you can’t change can be about proper nouns, words that are unique, words that have synonyms that difficult to find and specific information.
  • Underline the words you want to change: Be sure that you will change the words that you want to change so that you will know what next step you will do.
  • Reread the original text and make sure you understand the full meaning of it.
  • Set the original text and start to write your paraphrase tool.
  • Make notes about important few words so that you will be reminded that it needs to be included in your paper without word paraphrase.
  • Check your new version from the original text so that you will know if it’s accurately paraphrased and offer the best important details on a new form.
  • Using quotation marks is important in identifying phraseology or unique term that you borrowed from the text.best service to help you paraphrasing words

paraphrase wordsMany approaches in paraphrasing words are available online as well as online paraphrasing check for the plagiarism. If you need to paraphrase words and do not know what you will do, check some tips and guidelines on the internet. It is your help to remove your worries and be satisfied that what you are doing is the right thing. Whenever you have a hard time in paraphrasing knowing some tips will help you.

Start to check out tips to know how to paraphrase words and the right process in paraphrasing!