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7 Ways to Use Rewrite Sentences Generator

What is a Rewrite Sentences Generator?

rewrite sentences generatorA computer software program designed to paraphrase text is sometimes referred to as a rewrite sentence generator. Paraphrasing text requires rewording text and changing its structure so that it appears completely different from the original version while still retaining the original meaning. Free paraphrase generator tools for rewriting text are becoming a more common place and can easily be found online for free. Paid versions of programs with more features and which usually produce a better quality of paraphrased text are available as well. There has been steady improvement in text rewriting programs for the last few years and many writing tasks that once were to be avoided if possible can now be done faster and easier with an automatic rewriting tool. In general most automatic rewriting tools are easy to use. They are also fast and several pages of text only require seconds to rewrite.

Uses for a Paragraph Paraphrase Generator

There are many different uses you may choose to employ a rewrite sentence generator for. The following are 7 common ways to use paraphrasing software:

  1. Stamp out cliché usage: Just about anybody who has had a college writing class can tell you how much professors dislike clichés. Many times people may not even be aware they are using clichés. Automatic rewriting software can make sure no cliché makes it into your paraphrased text
  2. Excessive word repetition: Many people have certain words they favor when writing. Much like with the use of clichés, they may not realize how often they repeat these words in text. Automatic rewriting software will make sure that words aren’t repeated too often in text.
  3. Cut back on quotes: Paraphrasing is generally preferred over direct quotes except for those that are especially powerful. Paraphrasing direct quotes is easy with automatic rewriting software.
  4. Summarize: When you have several pieces of text that you would like to summarize together, or a longer article that has a great deal of unnecessary information, automatic programs for rewriting text can summarize them for you.
  5. Rephrase for easier comprehension: Sometimes you may be writing for an average audience but some of your resources may be highly technical and specialized aimed at experts in the particular field. In cases like this, material will have to be paraphrased in a way that somebody who is not an expert can understand.
  6. Avoid plagiarism: Proper paraphrasing is a common method of avoiding plagiarism. A software paraphrasing program is just the tool you need to assist with this task.
  7. Restructure sentences: Some people seem to write sentences that go on forever. Others structure their sentences in awkward ways that affect the flow and readability of text. A sentence rewriting generator can break up excessively long sentences and restructure those that are awkward and difficult to read.

Although automatic rewriting software produces text that mat still require revising and editing it definitely reduces the amount of time and effort that has to be put into many writing tasks. Our rewriting service paraphrases text that you won’t have to put any time into fixing before you use it.

Rewriting Services to the Rescue

You may want to think of our service as the “Rephase-inator”. In superhero-like fashion, we are here to rescue you from rephrasing difficulties. Our professional writers are college graduates from a wide variety of academic fields, and they all have extensive experience in paraphrasing text.

We also use a software program developed by our own programmers for sentence rewriting. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

  • Free proofreading and plagiarism checks for all text we rewrite
  • Guarantees of complete customer satisfaction and on-time delivery with every job
  • Budget-friendly rates with no hidden costs
  • Around the clock live customer support 24/7

Contact us if you need a rewrite sentences generator with high quality output!