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5 Essential Reasons to Use a Rewording Tool

What is a Rewording Tool?

rewording toolA reword tool is a device for rewriting text using different phrasing while retaining the original meaning. These tools for rewriting are actually software programs and can be used to rephrase any type of text from a single sentence to an entire paper such as an essay or thesis. Most of the tools are easy to use and are fast with the capability to rewrite a paper in a few seconds.

Where to Find a Rephrase Tool

There are many free rewriting software programs available online as well as paid versions that offer more features. Some rewrite tools can only be used online while others are downloadable programs that you can install in your computer and use offline. A quick online search will give you plenty of sites offering both free and paid versions you can check out.

Reasons to Use a Reword Tool

A rephrase tool is useful to students, business people or anybody else who has to rewrite some kind of text. Some of the reasons a person might need a tool for rewriting text include:

  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism is an issue that many people need to be concerned about and students especially must be careful. It is sometimes necessary to rewrite portions of text used in papers to avoid plagiarism.
  • Reuse content: Online marketers as well as others may have articles on their sites that they would like to reuse. By rewriting this content using different wording and structure than the original they can effectively have a new article without having to write one completely from scratch.
  • To make a piece of text easier to understand: Sometimes a piece of text may be very difficult for people to understand as it was originally written because it was intended for experts in a particular field or just was awkwardly phrased. Rewriting such pieces to make them easier to understand is sometimes necessary for your own work.
  • To avoid using a direct quote: It is usually advisable to avoid using too many direct quotes in papers and essays. Unless a quote is exceptionally powerful paraphrasing is preferred. Rewriting direct quotes will ensure your paper doesn’t overuse them.
  • Summarize text: Text can be rewritten for the purpose of summarizing an article or report without including unnecessary material you don’t need for your own purpose

These are just some of the reasons that people have for using a paraphrasing machine. Our service offers text rewriting using live writers as well as software.

Advantages of Using Our Service

We offer rewriting services for any type of text, using rewriting software or skilled and experienced professional writers. Our software program was developed by us using our own programmers. The writers we use all have college degrees, many at the graduate level, and come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Some of the advantages that come with using our service include:

  • Guarantees of full customer satisfaction and on time delivery for every rewriting job
  • Free plagiarism check and proofreading with all rewriting work
  • Inexpensive rates and special discounts
  • Live customer support always available 24/7

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