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17 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for a Middle School

Teaching middle school kids the value of being thankful is perhaps one of the best traits that adults can teach them. If you’re a teacher (or a parent) that wants to educate your students on gratitude, then you may be interested in the following Thanksgiving writing prompts that will help you do just that.

thanksgiving essay tips

Best Thanksgiving Writing Paper Topics

Possessing gratitude is one of the most important messages behind the holiday. That’s why it is again this time of the year when you can use a number of writing prompts into your classrooms to help the learners understand the essence of the celebration – being thankful for what they have.

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Get creative and unique thanksgiving essay here!

See the following for 17 great ideas, which will help your students to think about the things they must be thankful for while letting them enjoy the entire writing process.

  1. If you were to send five useful tweets to your followers on Twitter, what would you tell them in 280 characters, and why? This topic helps them think and express their appreciation to their followers and friends on the social media site.
  2. Talk about your family’s tradition during Thanksgiving. What do you like most about it? If there is something you’d like to add, what would that be, and why? This essay prompt will make them reflect on ways that their immediate family or extended families really celebrate the day. They can also compare any similarities or differences.
  3. If you would invite a special friend or relative who is living miles away from your home, who would this person be and why did you choose him or her? It is one of the best writing prompts for Thanksgiving that will develop their thinking skills, so go ahead and ask them to answer the prompt!
  4. What’s the funniest Thanksgiving experience you have had? Would you want that to happen again, and why? This is one of the funny thanksgiving writing prompts to ask your student to write about and remember. It will enhance their memory skills while also being creative in the process of sharing a funny and memorable event.
  5. One of the essays on Thanksgiving to ask your students to answer is “if you could turn back the time and share food to the table during a family gathering? What would those foods be and why did you choose to share them instead of other foods? Describe each of them.
  6. Pretend that you’re a turkey. You’re clever, with the ability to speak in English and write text using your beak. If you’d write to Americans, what would you say to convince them not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
  7. For a Thanksgiving essay, it would also be proper to make them reflect and think of those things that they’re thankful for in their lives. Ask them to list 10 things that they are very thankful for, and describe each. You may also ask them to write these top 10 things in the descending or reverse order to be more creative!
  8. Do you think it is a good idea that some stores offer promos and sales during the Thanksgiving Day? Share your opinion and prove your point.
  9. If you’d be able to write a script for a TV show for their Thanksgiving Day episode, write the summary of the story that you’d be writing. If you could, you can also write the script for the episode. This is an essay about Thanksgiving day that will help your children or student explore his or her creative side. They can also practice their writing skills, which are valuable for the grownups, no matter which industry they choose to belong to in the future.
  10. For a creative Thanksgiving essay: Write a poem containing the words thanksgiving, family, turkey and grateful. Be able to read them in class.
  11. How do you think the first Thanksgiving celebration was different from the way that we celebrate it today? It is a good prompt that will help you explore their comparison skills or cause and effect, if ever. Ask them to highlight the similarities and differences, if you want too.
  12. Which would you prefer – a small gathering of your immediate family or a large party with friends and extended family? Why did you choose it? This is one of the Thanksgiving writing prompts middle school that you can select if you want students to reflect on which is a more preferred way of celebrating Thanksgiving.
  13. If you’d explain Thanksgiving to someone who has never heard about it, how would you do it? It is one of the great Thanksgiving writing prompts middle school that you can use to help your students develop their creative thinking skills. They can practice how to use their imagination to relate their experiences, describe how their family celebrates thanksgiving or what symbols or foods are related to the celebration to make the other person learn what Thanksgiving is.
  14. Ask them to write “What Thanksgiving means to me” essay. Because the concept of the season is gratitude or being thankful, use this prompt so that they can reflect and think about what this celebration means to them. Through the eyes of children, adults would see how these kids perceive the celebration – and what it actually means to them.
  15. Use Thanksgiving essay what are you thankful for, as it will help you find out what your students are really thankful for in their lives. Choose it if you want to hone their thinking skills as well as their gratitude and appreciation for everything that they love the most.
  16. There are many Thanksgiving celebrations wherein the children seat and eat together with fellow children. Would you want that, or would you love to have both the adults and children at one table? Why did you choose this answer?
  17. In what ways do you think be thanksgiving celebration now be different 20 years forward? This is one of the best prompts to use in order to explore their imagination and let them think about possible changes in the ways that the Thanksgiving Day would be celebrated in the future.

Thanksgiving Essay Prompts: Which Among the List Have You Chosen?

These essay-writing prompts are perfect for writing centers, bell work, journals, discussion or English classes. Assign your students with any of these writing prompts, or better yet, let them select which among the above prompts they’d love to write about and then discuss later in class. Using these prompts, you can encourage children to explore and practice their writing skills and creativity.

Which rephrase essay about Thanksgiving Day have you chosen? Feel free and use this list as a reference when thinking about an essay prompt that your students or children will love. Develop their writing skills, along with critical or creative thinking skills by asking them to write about any of these essays.

In some of these essays, they will also enhance their comparison or reflective writing skills. As early as middle school, these kids will learn the value of gratitude and express it in the form of writing. Using these thanksgiving creative writing prompts, they may also be able to appreciate the value and essence of this celebration even further.

Choose the best of thanksgiving writing prompts today!